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Small articles about your holiday in Corfu
Top 5 reasons to choose Kaminaki Villas for your Corfu holidays



Have you decided about your holiday yet this summer?

Organising your Greek holiday doesn’t need to be an ordeal. We are here to help you make an instant decision and choose Kaminaki Villas for your Corfu holidays. All of our properties offer everything you may desire for your dream Greek holiday in Corfu.

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10 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Corfu

Corfu is a great place to visit, not only in the summer months but also at the beginning of the season. This is the time when the weather is good enough to allow you to explore and see what the island really has to offer.

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Why Rent A Villa In Corfu For Your Summer Holidays?

With its ideal location, stunning beaches, fantastic weather, vibrant nightlife and traditional restaurants, Corfu is the perfect destination to choose for your all important holiday getaway. Many people will automatically choose to stay in a hotel for their holidays, because it’s what they’re familiar with, but we thought we’d tell you why it’s great to rent a villa in Corfu. Renting a villa in Corfu actually offers you virtually all of the benefits of a hotel plus loads of unique advantages and features that you won’t be able to find in your standard Greek hotel room!


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The Top North East Beaches To Visit In Corfu

Looking for a quick guide to some of the best beaches in northeast Corfu?

There are so many to choose from with long stretches of coastal views, idyllic coves, and pebbly bays.

While some are easy to enjoy and relax at, with shallow water and gentle declines, others are known for being popular destinations with sports enthusiasts.


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Places You Must See When Visiting Corfu Town

Corfu is a lush green island, the second largest destination in the Ionian and is extremely popular with tourists. There are so many places to visit during your stay, from beautiful beaches to the historical Corfu town.

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